ButterflyMX Accelerates Sales and Support with Dashworks AI Assistant

April 11, 2024
Prasad Kawthekar
Prasad Kawthekar
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What changed for sales productivity in 2023
What changed for sales productivity in 2023
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What changed for sales productivity in 2023
What changed for sales productivity in 2023
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ButterflyMX, founded in 2014, has revolutionized property access control by offering a comprehensive solution that is secure, convenient, and affordable. Its goal is to eradicate common inefficiencies in property access control by providing solutions for remote access control, thereby reducing the need for physical presence or traditional key-based systems.

Headquartered in New York, ButterflyMX has raised $100 million from leading investors. It is a trusted name among leading real estate companies and is used in over 10,000 buildings, impacting over a million apartment units. Recognized for its innovative proptech solutions and as one of America's best startup employers, ButterflyMX continues to lead the property technology industry.

We spoke with Katrina Drane, a key member of ButterflyMX, who started her journey five years ago as a Client Training Specialist and has since risen to the role of Director of Client Solutions. In this role, she represents the voice of the customer within the company's internal departments, ensuring that client feedback is integrated into product development and process improvements.

The Problem

As ButterflyMX expanded its GTM team in 2023, the company encountered several challenges. The GTM operations and enablement team had to focus heavily on onboarding activities, which included addressing a multitude of questions. New team members often inundated their peers and superiors with queries, some of which were repetitive. Despite having access to comprehensive documentation and resources, the team struggled to refer to them efficiently. This led to three major issues:

  • Inefficient Information Access: Teams spent excessive time searching for answers and, as a result, often asked the same questions to others repeatedly.
  • Repetitive Questions: Conversely, the product team, experienced colleagues, and leadership spent considerable hours answering these recurring questions, which distracted them from strategic work.
  • Slow Customer Response Times: This sluggish process of information retrieval negatively influenced customer interactions and sales opportunities.

The Objective

This situation underscored the need for an automated solution to streamline information retrieval. The goal was to enhance efficiency and avoid potential delays in responses from sales and customer success representatives, which could impede the company's ability to close deals and retain customers.

ButterflyMX aimed to enhance its go-to-market (GTM) enablement by creating a solution that provides continuous support and simplifies the information retrieval. The company established several success criteria for this initiative:

  • Ease of Use: Create a user-friendly system for the GTM organization with a simple user experience.
  • Knowledge Integrations: The system should link to necessary sources, including websites, Slack, and Confluence.
  • Response Accuracy: Ensure responses are accurate, drawn from the website and sales Confluence page, and delivered appropriately.
  • Ease of Setup: The setup process should be straightforward and require minimal manual work.
  • Ease of Maintenance: The information retrieval system should be easy to manage, capable of adding more content sources without development work, and provide administrative reporting and analytics to optimize enablement content.
  • Cost Effective: The system should be cost-effective, with reasonable pricing for their use case and potential for expansion.

Why ButterflyMX Chose Dashworks

Several key factors influenced ButterflyMX's decision to choose Dashworks after evaluating multiple providers.

Accurate Answers

A key aspect that made Dashworks stand out was its ability to provide accurate answers conversationally. ButterflyMX noticed that other companies' solutions were more technical or simply linked to the documentation, which wasn't effective since the team already had access to that information. With Dashworks, the team found the responses quick, accurate, and framed in a way that made sense to the users and their need for fast-flowing GTM operations. This eliminated the need to sift through documentation and provided immediate and relevant responses.

ButterflyMX also leveraged Dashworks' customizable Instructions feature to tailor responses to specific information retrieval scenarios, leading to more precise answers. For instance, they observed that inquiries about "keypads" pulled information from their legacy products, which were no longer sold but still needed to be maintained for existing users. They were able to easily add Instructions in natural language to specify that when asked about "keypads," Dashworks should always determine whether the user was inquiring about their legacy smart keypad or their current access control keypad. Additionally, they included instructions to differentiate between the two products further. After implementing these instructions, they noticed a significant increase in the accuracy of the responses, and if Dashworks could not determine which product the inquiry referred to, it would ask for clarification.

“The accuracy with which Dashworks answers questions, quickly digests all of our information, and brings it back in a way that makes sense for users, was huge.”

- Katrina Drane, Director of Client Solutions

Better User Experience with Improved GTM Operations Flow

One of the main reasons ButterflyMX chose Dashworks was also its simplicity and ease of use. ButterflyMX had evaluated several AI tools that could potentially address their needs, but found that other solutions required manual setup and felt overwhelming. They needed a simple, straightforward solution to sync GTM operations with little effort from their team to use effectively. Dashworks stood out in this regard.

Furthermore, Dashworks' seamless integration with Slack via its Slackbot allowed teams to access information within their existing workflow, making the adoption process smoother.

Instant ROI

The trial was an instant success, addressing pressing problems for ButterflyMX. They found that Dashworks was up and running and adding value immediately, something they had not seen in other software solutions. This was highlighted by a quote from one of their team members: “The fact on day one of the trial that we could write an e-mail that could go to our customer for one of our sales reps, and that was a real situation. All that would usually require a meeting between me and the other person. I was very happy.”

“The fact on day one of the trial that we could write an e-mail that could go to our customer for one of our sales reps, and that was a real situation. All that would usually require a meeting between me and the other person.”

- Lauren Hamilton, Sales Enablement Manager

The Strategic Rollout

ButterflyMX executed a strategic rollout of Dashworks across their teams following a successful trial. The process started with the client success team to verify the tool's accuracy before extending it to the sales enablement and sales teams.

Dashworks' integration with Slack was a key advantage for ButterlyMX that made the information retrieval experience truly immersive. It eased the adoption process and enhanced the tool's visibility within the organization. Dashworks was quickly incorporated into Slack for channels that dealt with a high influx of inquiries from various departments. The automatic bot responses provided by Dashworks when the team was unavailable highlighted Dashworks’ utility and availability.

ButterflyMX also held department-specific training sessions for different departments, setting up Dashworks as the primary source for answers to their internal questions.

Cross-Departmental Benefits

This comprehensive approach to Dashworks' rollout has led to substantial adoption and brought several benefits to ButterflyMX's team.

Efficient Information Search

One of the significant benefits ButterflyMX experiences from using Dashworks is substantial time saving across various teams involved in GTM operations.

Typically, finding an answer to a question or waiting for a response could take 15 to 30 minutes. With Dashworks boost, information retrieval is reduced to less than a minute. A sales team member showcased the impact of this drastic reduction. He needed to find an installer in a remote area to support a client, a task that would typically take hours of searching, discussions, and manager consultations. With Dashworks, he found the answer in mere seconds as the system identified a suitable installer in the area.

As one of their team members, Joe Haas, quoted, “I’ve been the oracle for my team since I’ve had it. I LOVED it!”

“I’ve been the oracle for my team since I’ve had it. I LOVED it!”

- Josef Haas, Sales Director

Time-Saved Answering Questions

The second major benefit ButterflyMX derives from Dashworks is a significant reduction in time spent answering repetitive questions, an improvement particularly noticeable among tenured team members. Dashworks can answer the majority of the queries these members used to receive, saving each of them up to an hour each day. The frequency of repeated questions in channels like Slack has reduced considerably post-Dashworks implementation.

This efficient handling of repetitive questions has had a ripple effect. Since the team is no longer tied up with repetitive queries, they have more time to focus on strategic matters that are important but not urgent and often end up in the backlog. This includes focusing on client-centric activities to uphold their 'Customer First' value and creating more documentation, further improving Dashworks' capabilities.

“I spend way less time answering the same questions over and over.”

- Katrina Drane, Director of Client Solutions

Enhanced Customer Experience

Using Dashworks has empowered ButterflyMX to enhance their customer experience significantly, ensuring that their client needs are consistently met to a high standard. This stems from their customer success managers' (CSMs) ability to quickly and accurately access up-to-date information. This ensures that clients receive accurate information quickly, minimizing the risk of dissatisfaction. It has also equipped the sales team to provide immediate responses.

Reduced Sales Ramp Up Time

The adoption of Dashworks has also considerably improved ButterflyMX's employee onboarding process. The Sales Ops team effectively utilized Dashworks to equip new hires with essential information, reduce ramp-up time, and enable new employees to contribute more effectively.

Instant Answers on Sales Calls

One of the remarkable benefits ButterflyMX experienced through Dashworks was increased efficiency during sales calls. The sales reps started using Dashworks while on live calls with customers to get immediate answers to their questions. This adaptability allowed them to be more knowledgeable and answer client questions instantly, eliminating the need to pause and confirm with their team. This real-time access to information boosted their confidence and positively influenced deal outcomes, as they could provide immediate solutions, which can be the difference between a closed won or closed lost deal.

Improved Email Communication

An unexpected advantage ButterflyMX gained from Dashworks was its ability to aid in writing customer emails. Dashworks offered functionality for drafting emails in various tones, allowing ButterflyMX to communicate their intended message accurately to their customers. Whether the required tone was assertive or enthusiastic, Dashworks could craft the communication accordingly, ensuring the correct message was always conveyed to their customers.

Creating Learning & Development Content

The GTM team also uses Dashworks for Learning and Development (L&D) content creation. They discovered they could utilize Dashworks to create quizzes based on specific docs, which could be deployed at the end of informational calls conducted for the Customer Success Management (CSM) team. This innovative use of Dashworks allowed the ButterflyMX team to gain immediate feedback on the comprehension and understanding of the new information provided during these sessions. This approach proved incredibly beneficial for the team, allowing it to promptly address any misunderstandings or gaps in GTM operations related knowledge, enhancing the overall quality of their L&D initiatives, and improving future engagement and information sharing.

Advice for Peers

As advice to her peers, Katrina highlights deploying tools like Dashworks to improve overall GTM operations efficiency.

She also notes that even for newer companies lacking a comprehensive knowledge base to utilize Dashworks to effectively disseminate technical information from tools like JIRA in an easily understandable format. This eliminates the need for technical resources or dedicated document writers.

Katrina also recommends introducing Dashworks to the most knowledgeable team members first. This approach helps identify and correct any outdated or inaccurate information. She stresses the importance of this step, as it ensures critical information is accurately conveyed when addressing specific topics.

Proactive Support

ButterflyMX has also highlighted the support they received from the Dashworks team throughout this process. They praised the team's engagement and enthusiasm, which were instrumental in driving this adoption. The proactive approach of the Dashworks team in responding to feedback and swiftly implementing solutions has significantly contributed to the positive experience.

“We've truly enjoyed partnering with you guys. Your team is knowledgeable and engaging. And the enthusiasm with which you take feedback and quickly implement solutions has been so appreciated.”

- Katrina Drane, Director of Client Solutions

Future Outlook

ButterflyMX's partnership with Dashworks has emerged as a game-changer, streamlining information access and knowledge management across their organization. Dashworks has delivered conversational and accurate answers, significantly boosting sales efficiency, customer support, and overall team productivity. This collaboration underscores the power of AI-powered knowledge management in driving business value.

Looking ahead, ButterflyMX is optimistic about Dashworks' potential to enhance its GTM operations further. They see future possibilities in integrating Dashworks with other tools for seamless information retrieval and implementing granular content restriction functionality for more targeted information sharing. By leveraging Dashworks' AI capabilities, ButterflyMX is poised to continue delivering exceptional customer experiences and propel its business growth.



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