One AI Assistant,
Exponential Productivity Gains

Leverage your internal knowledge so you can spend less time searching
and more time getting stuff done.

All your use cases in one place

Easily switch between between factual, creative, and navigational questions, and Dash AI responds accordingly.

  • Trained to automatically detect question type.
  • Includes references for all query types, including creative responses.
  • Get what you need by conversing back-and-forth with the AI.

Automate repetitive tasks

Save commonly-used workflows so you can reuse them in a flash.

  • Streamline ticket resolution, code debugging, and email creation.
  • Discover extensive org-level workflow libraries.
  • Create and share new workflows with a single click.

Real-time access to web

Dash AI’s web integration provides secure and up-to-date access to web chatbots in a single place.

Get on the same page with shareable links to answers

Gather feedback, keep stakeholders in the loop, and distribute knowledge throughout your company.

Dash AI is easy-to-use, extremely accurate, and provides immediate time-saving impact.

Lauren Hamilton
Sales Enablement Manager, ButteflyMx

Tame the Slack chaos

Our Slack Autoresponder is programmed to detect and respond to questions in channels, so you can stay focused on what's important.


The average number of Slack messages sent per week by an employee


The ratio of Slack channels to number of employees at a large company

Get answers privately in Slack

Don't want to use a public channel? DM your questions to Dash AI so only you
see the answers.

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