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Step up your game with AI-driven insights, personalization, and team knowhow.

Connected to your favorite sales tools

Google Drive
Microsoft Teams

Be prepared for every call

Find everything you need to know about a prospect in minutes. Create quick fact sheets and summarize all past communications.

Create personalized pitches

Ask Dash AI to draft your comms and collateral — whether thats a follow-up email, an outbound sequence, or a sales deck.

Tap into tribal knowledge

See collateral created by other team members. Learn from their tactics and evolve your own.

Troubleshoot technical questions

No more waiting for IT or engineering. Get immediate answers to your questions, especially when you’re in the middle of a demo.

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Learn how companies are using Dashworks

Companies across diverse industries are leveraging Dashworks to transform the way they handle information, optimise workflows, and empower their teams. With its wide array of features and intuitive user interface, Dashworks has become an indispensable tool for modern businesses.

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