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Wonderful tool for both new and tenured employees. Our teams have been raving about Dashworks. We have so much content and this tool makes it easy for employees to get quick and concise answers to many different types of questions across our departments. Dashworks is easy to use, extremely accurate, and provides immediate time-saving impact.

Lauren Hamilton
Sales Enablement Manager, ButterflyMX

Be Prepared for Every Call

Quickly gather key insights and create a snapshot of your prospect's history before the call.

Create Personalized Pitches

Let Dashworks help you craft personalized follow-ups, outbound sequences, and impactful sales decks.

Streamline Sales Intelligence

Quickly access company profiles, funding data, and key decision-makers, while staying informed with the latest insights and generating customized sales enablement materials—all through Dashworks.

Stay Informed About Product Features

Get the scoop on new features and a preview of what's coming up.

Seamless Integration with Your Sales Stack

Connect Dash AI to your preferred sales tools for a unified and efficient workflow.
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