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See mentions across apps

October 4, 2022

See mentions across apps

When you’re looking at a result, we’ll now show you more content that mentions the result. Imagine seeing a doc and discovering all the related messages, tasks, and emails that link back to that doc. That’s now possible when you hover on a search result in Dashworks.

De-provisioning and directory sync

Ensuring absolute peace of mind for IT teams has always been our priority at Dashworks. We are rolling out a major improvement in the way Dashworks handles newly added and deleted users in your Google Workspace. Within minutes of a user getting suspended or deleted in Google Workspace, Dashworks is able to de-provision them completely: revoking their access to Dashworks, as well as stopping any ongoing data sync for such users. No manual work is required when users offboard!

Bug fixes & improvements

  • Fixed an issue that showed an extra line separator in search results
  • Clicking “Re-connect app” on a notification will now open the app connection page directly to save you a step
  • Resolved an issue that prevented Salesforce content from updating
  • Resolved an issue that prevented Gmail search results from showing for certain queries

EU data residency

September 14, 2022

🌎  Manage where your data is hosted

Dashworks offers the flexibility to host your data in regions best suited for your compliance and security. We’ve now added the option to host your Dashworks data in the EU region.

All Dashworks features will continue to work as expected if you decide to migrate your data to the EU region. Reply to this email or reach out to us at to get started!

🐞 Bug fixes & improvements

  • Fixed an issue that prevented new users from seeing search suggestions
  • Fixed an issue that caused Google drive to not sync completely for certain users
  • Performance improvements for our Slack integration to sync your team’s large workspaces faster 🏎️
  • Improvements in latency when you search for your teammates in Dashworks

Personalized search results

August 31, 2022

📍 Personalized search results

We’ve launched improvements to our search algorithm that make your results more personalized to you. Dashworks now incorporates information about the author, and your relationship with the author to provide you with the most relevant results at the top.

🌎 Search your browser history

Dashworks helps you start your work faster. Now you can search and open sites from your browser history as you type in the Dashworks search bar. This feature is available to anyone using the Dashworks Chrome extension.

✔️ Spelling correction

When you’re typing fast, it’s easy to miss a letter. Dashworks will now detect spelling errors and guide you toward what you’re looking for. Dashworks learns the vocabulary of your organization so you can even see recommendations for words unique to your team.

🐞 Bug fixes & improvements

  • Fixed a bug that showed the incorrect number of results next to filters
  • Fixed a bug that incorrectly showed inactive Google workspace users on the Members page
  • Fixed a bug that prevented users from logging in if their email address was changed
  • Fixed issues with Coda indexing to ensure your latest Coda docs are always available in Dashworks

30% faster search

August 11, 2022

🏎️ Search speed upgrade

You want to find things fast, so we made search faster. Searches will now return results 30% faster on average!

Stay tuned: we are always focused on speed and we have even more improvements in the works.

📨 New look for Gmail results

Gmail results have a new look in Dashworks! You’ll now see Gmail results grouped together in a more compact view that lets you see more results on the search page. You’ll also see a tag with the sender.

We’re excited to add more custom views in the upcoming months to give each result a tailored look and feel. Let us know what you think, and reply with your ideas for other apps and filetypes that could benefit from a new layout!

💡 Connection tips

We’ve made it easy to ensure you’re searching all your latest content. When you search, you’ll now see tips for app connections that require additional setup.

🐞 Bug fixes & improvements

  • Fixed a bug that caused search suggestions to not appear
  • Fixed a bug that prevented users from clicking notifications
  • Fixed a bug that prevented users from scrolling on the search results page
  • Fixed a bug that showed incorrect result counts for filters
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Slack channels from appearing on certain teammate profiles

Search by app name

July 20, 2022

🔎 Use app names in your search

When you add the name of a supported app to your search, Dashworks will now identify the app and recommend actions like filtering for results in the app or connecting the app. Dashworks can identify all the apps you can connect, nicknames like “gdrive”, and other popular SaaS apps.

To try this feature, search for an app name with at least one other word.

🤝 Major upgrades to the Notion integration

Dashworks has released the biggest update yet to our Notion integration! This update removes any maintenance overhead for admins and ensures higher quality with no more missing pages for users.

Admins can more easily set up Dashworks for all users in their organization to search public Notion pages out of the box. Anyone in the organization can also connect Notion to search their private pages.

Visit the apps page here to connect Notion for yourself, or here if you’re an admin connecting for your entire organization.

👥 See a person’s top Slack channels

Slack channels help us understand more about our teammates. People join channels based on their projects, office location, interests, and more.

Dashworks now displays each teammate’s top public Slack channels on their profile so you can learn more about their work and interests.

🐞 Bug fixes & improvements

  • Properly show emojis in search results (you’ll see 🍎 instead of :apple:)
  • Fixed an issue that showed a negative count for notifications
  • Fixed issues that prevented new Gmail and Notion content from appearing in search
  • Fixed an issue that showed incorrect result counts in the apps filter
  • Updated the text color in the search bar for a more consistent experience
  • Moved “My apps” above “Organization’s apps” in the nav bar for quicker access

Set your own homepage background

June 20, 2022

Set your own homepage background

Many folks love using Dashworks as their default new tab page to find information more quickly at work. We’ve added more customization so anyone can set their own background for their new tab page.

If your admin has enabled the feature, you can open My settings in the nav bar to update your background!

Admins can still set a default background or require a certain background for the whole company if they prefer.

Recently visited docs

We often find ourselves opening the same documents over and over. Now you can quickly access results you’ve recently visited in Dashworks.

Readme integration

We’ve built an integration with Readme so developers can use Dashworks to search across API documentation! Admins can connect Readme for the company on the Organization’s apps page in the nav bar.

Org-wide integration for Notion

Org-wide integrations in Dashworks allow admins to connect apps for everyone in the company so they can search right when they sign up. We now support an org-wide Notion integration.

Admins can visit the Organization’s apps page in the nav bar to connect public Notion pages for everyone to search in Dashworks.

Bug fixes & improvements

  • You can now add up to 8 bookmarks for both personal bookmarks and company bookmarks
  • We now index Google Workspace apps before a user signs in, improving the experience for newly onboarded users
  • Upgraded Notion integration from beta to general availability
  • Removed Cyrillic alphabet words from search dropdown recommendations
  • Updated sub-header text on the apps page to help users connect their apps
  • Fixed a bug that caused search to ignore the app filter in some cases

Conversational search

June 2, 2022

Conversational search (beta)

We’re excited to share a completely new and powerful way to search your documents in Dashworks - Conversational Search. It lets you find documents more intuitively by understanding the meaning of words behind the query rather than simple keyword matching.

Some example queries to try with the new Conversational Search:

  • ”how do i request time off?”
  • “how do we onboard new team members?”
  • “how to reset password”

The feature is currently in beta, hit Reply to request early access!

‍Gitlab integration

Dashworks now supports Issues, Milestones, Merge Requests, Projects, and Markdown Docs in Gitlab! Admins can visit the apps page and hit Connect to get started.

New onboarding steps

We’ve added new onboarding steps to help users get started with Dashworks. New users will now learn a Dashworks shortcut 💫 and connect more apps to search.

Bug fixes & improvements

  • Improved Coda integration to search for docs in shared and private folders that you have access to
  • Improved Notion integration to search for docs outside the team-wide workspace
  • Improved stability of Dropbox, GDrive, Gmail, and Slack integrations
  • Fixed an issue that prevented users from connecting Notion
  • Fixed an issue that hid the search dropdown recommendations

Recommended searches

May 2, 2022

Recommended searches

We’ve added recommended searches to help new users discover the power of Dashworks. When a new user signs into Dashworks, they’ll now see suggestions to search for relevant content and people.

We plan to make the search dropdown even more powerful by surfacing relevant content. Reply to this email with any other suggestions you’d like to see in the Dashworks search dropdown.

Bug fixes & improvements

  • Improved stability for several integrations
  • Fixed an issue that caused end-users to see our sales chatbot
  • Fixed an issue that prevented adding company bookmarks
  • Added support for users with custom domains to also sign in through

Custom domains

April 18, 2022

Custom domains

We now support custom domains so you can host Dashworks on a site like for easy access. Contact us at to set up custom domains for your organization!

Simple sign in

Signing in to SaaS apps is not so simple when your company uses multiple SSO providers (Okta, Google, etc.). With our simple sign-in experience, users enter their email and we automatically direct them to the proper SSO flow for an effortless experience.

Bug fixes & improvements

  • Fixed a bug that prevented users from connecting apps
  • Fixed a bug that caused only generic icons to show for company bookmarks
  • Fixed a bug that prevented users from signing in for a short period of time
  • Fixed a bug that popped open a default Chrome dropdown covering the Dashworks search dropdown
  • Reduced search latency for long queries
  • Improved UX for onboarding tooltip

Improved Confluence & Jira integrations

April 4, 2022

Improved Confluence & Jira integrations

Integrations stability is a top priority at Dashworks, so we re-built the Confluence & Jira integrations from the ground-up using API tokens to solidify stability.

Admins can visit the app store in Dashworks and connect Confluence & Jira to update to our latest version of the integrations.

Bug fixes & improvements

  • Continued to improve scalability for large organizations
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Airtable content from updating
  • Fixed an issue that prevented some Gmail attachments from showing in search
  • Fixed an issue that prevented users from pinning results

Custom background image

March 21, 2022

Custom image background

You might have seen custom background images in beta, and we’re now excited to roll this out to all users! We’ve added improvements like faster image loading speed and a more intuitive settings flow.

Admins can set your company’s background image or color by opening the “Appearance” tab under “Admin settings”. Upload your own image, or select a high-res image from Unsplash.

Jira search improvements

You can now search your tickets in Dashworks by the Jira key (eg. DAS-17). We’re making Dashworks the easiest place to find your tickets and all their related content to help your team resolve issues faster.

Bug fixes & improvements

  • Search improvements for queries that match document titles
  • Fixed icons for bookmarks
  • Fixed a bug that caused HRIS indexing to fail
  • Added a spinner while collections load
  • Fixed a bug that cause the search dropdown to move on the screen
  • Fixed an issue that hid the selected app filter in rare cases
  • Fixed an issue with the Okta tile
  • Fixed a bug with Notion results
  • Fixed warning message in marketing emails

Admin analytics for popular queries

March 7, 2022

Admin analytics for popular queries

Admins can now view popular search queries across the org in the Analytics dashboard. Use this dashboard to identify trending topics and understand what documentation teams are looking for to keep it up to date.

Improving the search experience with browsing history

This week you’ll notice the Dashworks Chrome extension requests a new permission: browsing history. Dashworks uses browsing history to improve the quality of search results. Documents that you find more useful and visit more frequently will be prioritized in search rankings so you’re always seeing the most relevant information.

This update follows the Dashworks bank-level security standards. The extension will only read your history from work productivity apps like Slack and Notion, and does not read any other history. Dashworks will never share your browsing history with anyone else within or outside of your company.

Bug fixes & improvements

  • Improved loading speed for Announcements, Answers, and Collections
  • Improved indexing speed for GDrive and Slack
  • Resolved an issue that prevented teammate profiles from showing in search
  • Resolved an issue on the Admin SSO page that caused SSO to switch back to Google
  • Added caching for the company logo to reduce the number of reloads
  • Reduced latency for the “invite members” admin page
  • Improved the PII filter algorithm
  • Added functionality to reset filter counts when the “reset” button is clicked
  • Fixed an issue that caused Asana indexing to fail

Filter counts and re-design

March 7, 2022

Filter counts and re-design

Fly through results faster with our new filter design and result counts. We’d love your feedback on how this works in your workflow! Shoot us a message at

Search the web

We’re turning the search bar into your personal command center. With one more keystroke, you can now search Google from the Dashworks search bar. Whether you’re looking for content in your apps or on the web, Dashworks is the place to get started.

Bug fixes & improvements

  • Added a PII filter for workspace admins to hide sensitive information in Dashworks
  • Decreased indexing time for connecting new apps
  • Fixed a bug that caused an infinite spinner in the search bar
  • Fixed a bug that caused the search dropdown to shift position
  • Fixed a bug that prevented email previews from loading

Navigate your team’s org chart

February 4, 2022

Navigate your team’s org chart

Teammate profiles got a new look! You can now connect your company’s HRIS app (BambooHR, Rippling, Workday, etc.) to Dashworks, and this will allow users to see information about an employee’s manager and team members right on their profile. If you’re an admin, you can see all the supported HRIS tools and connect yours at Once the HRIS app is connected, check out your profile by clicking “My profile” in the navbar in Dashworks!

Want to see more information in employee profiles? Reply to this email and let us know!

Faster load times

We reduced load times for search and connecting new integrations with some behind-the-scenes magic 💫

Sign in with Azure

Companies can now use Microsoft Azure for single sign-on (SSO) with Dashworks. We also support Google and Okta SSO.

Self-hosted deployments

Dashworks now allows companies to host their own deployments! If your company is looking for additional peace of mind, ask us how you can set up a Dashworks instance on your own cloud.

Bug fixes & improvements

  • Improved our search ranking model
  • Removed the “redo search on Google” box in search results
  • Fixed some details in the UI ✨
  • Fixed a bug that caused filters to disappear when scrolling
  • Added “Tab to focus” label in the search bar
  • Updated the new member invite email


January 24, 2022


Organize your documents, messages, videos, links, and more with curated collections. Collections are folders shared across your team that help you stay organized and find the right information faster. You can add any search result to a collection by hovering on the result and clicking the collection icon, or add web links directly to a collection.

Here’s how we’re using collections for our team at Dashworks:

  • Onboarding checklists
  • Project resources like PRDs, Slack channels, and tasks
  • Important docs like on-call resources for Engineers

New Dashworks branding

Starting this week, Dashworks has a brand new look and feel! We’ve updated our fonts, colors, and logo - all inspired by our mission to empower organizations with the tools for hypergrowth. Open up the app to see the new designs in action. We’d love your feedback!

Bug fixes & improvements

  • Improved stability of Salesforce connections
  • Improved stability of Jira connections
  • Improved scalability of our backend architecture
  • Improved PagerDuty tracking to detect issues faster
  • Fixed a bug that prevented users from connecting ZenDesk
  • Reset the scroll position to the top for every search
  • Fixed a bug that caused screens to not be scrollable on certain screen sizes
  • Fixed a bug in Appearance settings that caused the preview to overlap the color picker

Company announcements

January 10, 2022

Company announcements

We understand it’s hard to reach your team when important updates get lost in the sea of Slack messages and emails. With our latest update, admins can now share company-wide announcements on the Dashworks start page so teammates see them every time they open a new tab.

New onboarding flow

We’re obsessed with perfecting the employee experience on Dashworks, so we’ve made it easier for new users to get started. When a new user signs into Dashworks, they will now see the apps pre-connected for their company along with sample searches to inspire their first search on Dashworks.

Miro integration

You can now search your virtual whiteboards in Dashworks with our new Miro integration.

Bug fixes & improvements

  • Upgraded and re-launched our Notion integration with Notion’s new beta API
  • Added a label to show which admin connected admin connections
  • Added a button to invite teammates to join Dashworks
  • Removed the keyboard shortcuts helper graphic to show more search results
  • Reduced latency for pinning a result
  • Solved a bug where the filter bar disappeared in search
  • Solved a bug with pinning answer results

Admin analytics

December 27, 2021

Admin analytics

Admins can view insights on how their team uses Dashworks. Navigate to the Analytics tab under Admin settings to find the charts.

Want more charts? Let us know at

Tab to search

You can now search faster than ever. Open a new tab with the Dashworks browser extension and hit tab to start your search.

Bug fixes & improvements

  • Dashworks now saves the nav bar state between sessions so you can keep it open or closed
  • Improved search latency
  • Improved backend stability of integrations with Dropbox and Gmail
  • Fixed an issue with ServiceNow knowledge base links
  • Added a warning when a user signs in with a non-whitelisted email
  • Moved the feedback widget behind result previews to ensure previews are always visible
  • Fixed a bug that caused long text fields to overflow previews
  • Fixed a bug that caused our help widget to be unavailable
  • Fixed a bug that prevented some Salesforce results from showing
  • Fixed a bug that prevented filters from appearing on the home page
  • Fixed a bug that caused high latency when switching between search filters

Homepage bookmarks

December 13, 2021

Homepage bookmarks

Bookmarks bring the most important links and files to your company's homepage! You can now create bookmarks for your entire team on the home page, or set personal bookmarks that are only visible to you.

Open files from auto-suggest

Dashworks auto-suggest just got even more powerful! In addition to suggesting searches, auto-suggest now recommends files you can open directly from the dropdown.

Search your items

Teams that manage their projects and processes in can now search for items and boards right in Dashworks!

Bug fixes & improvements

  • Comments in Salesforce cases are now searchable.
  • You can now search for and filter by apps that may not have yet finished indexing.
  • Improved our re-indexing process to fetch new information every hour, so that your search results are up to date!
  • Improvements in the display for auto-suggested results.
  • Added a failure toast if a user tries to sign in with a non-approved email.
  • Added a loading spinner for viewing/browsing answers.
  • Fixed a bug in teammate profile results that was causing incomplete profiles to show for certain users.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing clicks on auto-suggested queries to not work as expected.
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing teammate profiles to show up as a result in the ‘All’ tab.
  • Fixed a bug that was temporarily preventing previews from loading.
  • Fixed a bug that was temporarily causing stale search results to show when a search was made using an auto-suggest query.
  • New features will now be labeled with a Beta badge. Please give them a try and let us know how they can be improved!
  • Minor font and styling updates.


November 29, 2021


Ever get repetitive questions from others in your company? Us too. We built a new feature so you can answer frequently asked questions directly in Dashworks. You answer once, and your answer will appear anytime a teammate searches the question.

Customize the homepage to fit your company theme

Admins can now set a background color for the Dashworks homepage that will be visible to every teammate in the organization. You can make Dashworks truly feel like the your company's home by matching your company colors. Interested in more customization features? Let us know at

Search your Brandfolder assets

If you use Brandfolder to store your company's digital assets, you can now search all your assets directly from Dashworks.

Bug fixes & improvements

  • You can now click your company name to return to the home page
  • Admins can now connect Salesforce for their entire organization
  • Support for longer snippets in search results preserving sentence boundaries
  • Comments in Asana, Github, Jira, ServiceNow, Trello and Zendesk are now searchable
  • Support for searching Salesforce Cases and Knowledge Articles
  • Frontend caching to reduce app load times
  • Fix for incorrect keyboard shortcut hints
  • Simplified our answer extraction feature to reduce noisy results
  • Support for migrating existing users to Single Sign-On

Okta SSO Support

November 15, 2021

Auto-provision accounts from Okta

In addition to Google Workspace SSO, Dashworks now lets you connect Okta to automatically provision and de-provision accounts for your team. Team members can also log in to Dashworks with their Okta credentials. If you're interested in setting up Okta SSO for your team, just reply to this email and we'll get things set up right away!

See the number of comments in search results

The amount of engagement for different docs and tasks is important to identify helpful results. So you can now easily see which search results have more comments and interactions in the search view itself. Do you have suggestions for other things we should show in the search view? If so, hit reply and let us know 🙂

Bug fixes & improvements

  • You can now request new app integrations directly from the app. Navigate to and click on the "Request new app" button or click on this link.
  • Reduced search latency by 9%.
  • UI fixes: removed unnecessary whitespace in search results, and you can now click outside modals to close them.

Answers generated from your company knowledge

November 1, 2021

Answers to your questions in Dashworks

You can now ask questions to Dashworks and see answers extracted from all your company's documented knowledge. Give it a try by asking a question on ✨

See attachments in search results

Looking for that requirements doc you attached to an Asana task? Dashworks now shows attachments directly in search results for one-click access!

Grouping similar results

Often see similar results repeated multiple times in your searches? Dashworks now identifies if your search matches many results with the same title, and groups them neatly!

A better way to search for presentations

Dashworks makes it easier than ever to instantly browse a large number of presentations at once. Start a search, filter on Files > filter on Presentations, or click here to see it in action!

Bug fixes & improvements

  • Fully revamped our test suite to catch bugs earlier and ensure a great user experience
  • Admins can now enable Quip integration for their entire team. 👉 go to to try!
  • You can now edit your company's shared glossary by clicking on your profile icon > Glossary
  • You can now see hints for keyboard shortcuts on the search results page
  • Fixed an issue on the invite members page that was causing the app to crash
  • Fixed page focus jumping when a search result is clicked
  • App connection notifications are now removed, yay fewer notifications!
  • Submit feedback on your search experience by clicking 😄 or 😞 on the bottom right-hand corner
  • Fixed incorrect timestamps for Google Calendar events
  • Auto-close Continue with Google window on successful login
  • The search bar is now unfocused after a search is performed
  • 📌Pin and Copy to clipboard actions buttons are both accessible at the bottom right corner of each search result
  • Support for searching and filtering for Intercom Leads and Users
  • Fixed Github PRs displaying as Issues in search results
  • All admins are now allowed to disconnect their Organization's apps on
  • Improvements in search indexing for Slack files and Dropbox paper files

Simplified apps page

October 19, 2021

Simplified apps page

Connecting your apps is the #1 action you can take to get the most value out of Dashworks. We've made it easier for you to connect your apps and understand what you have access to. The Your apps tab shows apps you've connected yourself, and the Organization's apps tab shows apps your organization has connected for you.

ServiceNow integration

Admins can now connect ServiceNow for their entire team! With this integration, you can now search across all your cases and knowledge articles.

Keyboard shortcuts

Navigate search results faster with keyboard shortcuts! Use the up / down arrows to navigate results, and enter to open a result.

Bug fixes & improvements

  • Core search ranking improvements to prioritize exact title matches over other factors
  • Pinned results are now shown when the user's query is similar to the original pinner's query
  • Github Pull Requests are now searchable in Dashworks!
  • Improvements in search indexing for our top used apps: Slack, Github, Dropbox
  • The filters auto-hide when scrolling down on the search results
  • Fixed a bug that was causing the search page to scroll on clicking on a result
  • Fixed a bug that was causing the initial Google login window to not auto-close on a successful login
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing the copy-to-clipboard button from working correctly
  • Fixed a bug that was causing long titles in the search results to overflow
  • Improvements in the search result hover hotspot, for easier access to previews
  • Fixed a bug with Airtable API key integration
  • Emails sent by you now display a sent at timestamp in the search results
  • Added a toast notification for the app being offline

Smart Query Suggestions

October 5, 2021

Smart query suggestions to help you search

We’ve all found ourselves having a hard time remembering the exact title of the file, task, or email we’re searching for. Leave all the guesswork to Dashworks, and start typing to see smart query suggestions to help you narrow down your information need. Dashworks automatically generates these suggestions based on the titles and content of your files, tasks, messages, and more! Open a new tab (cmd/ctrl + T) or go to to experience this in action 💥

Suggestions for searches without many results

Sometimes a search won't have great matches within your company knowledge. Dashworks now recognizes this proactively and surfaces recommendations to help you find what you're looking for.

Personalized onboarding flow

You never get a second chance to make a great first impression! We rebuilt our onboarding flow from the ground up so new Dashworks users can hit the ground running. When you invite new users, you can recommend their very first searches in Dashworks to help them find valuable information right away.

Bug fixes & improvements

  • Admins can now enable Dropbox integration for their entire team. 👉 go to to try!
  • Improvements in query suggestions highlighting to make them easier to read
  • Dashworks now opens in a new tab automatically when you install the Chrome or Firefox extensions
  • Refreshed login screen on Chrome and Firefox extensions
  • New user onboarding is further simplified and requires only a single step
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing users from connecting Notion
  • Dynamic height for people filter, making it easier to scroll and select people to filter results by
  • Updated tooltips UI to make them more intuitive to use
  • Page scrolling now always resets to show the top result on initiating a new search
  • Instant response on pinning a new result
  • Fixed an error that was preventing previews from loading
  • Fixed an error that was causing previews to be re-rendered when the user moves the mouse over a search result
  • Fixed missing profile pictures in teammate search for certain users
  • Fixes in automated syncs for apps connected by admins
  • Teammate search results are shown in both "All" and "Contacts" tabs
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing certain Google Calendar events from syncing

Teammate Search

September 21, 2021

Search for team members in Dashworks

Have a meeting scheduled with a co-worker with who you haven't interacted before? See new faces in your Slack that you haven't had a chance to get introduced to? Open a new tab and search for the person's name in Dashworks to learn more about them. You can see their job title, start date at the company, email/slack, and their current local time!

Try out the feature by going to Dashworks and searching for a teammate's name! Reply to this email 👇 to let us know what you think and share any other information you'd like to see when searching for team members in Dashworks.

Bug fixes & improvements

  • Packaging optimizations to make the app load 50% faster
  • Fixed an issue with opening Notion search results: links now open in the browser
  • Fixed a rare bug where the user may not have been able to log in using the new tab page
  • Removed certain incorrect last modified timestamps being displayed for Dropbox results
  • Fixed breadcrumbs in search results for Github issues
  • Fixed incorrect/missing display for asana due dates
  • Showing placeholder titles for results that may be untitled
  • Your company's name now shows up in the search prompt before you start typing a query
  • Added date/time tooltip for the last modified time in search results
  • Fixed a bug where a glossary search result appears at the top of results on a new search
  • Fixed icons on homepage links to match the icons you are familiar with in search results
  • Fixed a bug where clicking on the search box highlighted the entire search query
  • "Invite your team" modal now only shows team members that aren't yet invited to Dashworks
  • Minor UI improvements to the search box on Apps and Members pages
  • Removed the redundant Apps menu item when you click on your Avatar on the top right of the page
  • Dashworks now sends you email reminders if an app stops syncing and action is required
  • The query suggestions only show up when you focus on the search box - and do not occlude the homepage links when you open a new tab

Glossary and People Filter

September 7, 2021

Your Company's Internal Glossary in Dashworks

Ever find yourself looking for definitions of commonly used terms, acronyms, and abbreviations within your company? You can now build and search your company's internal glossary within Dashworks!

We're onboarding a select group of admins to this feature, and it takes just minutes to get set up. Reply "Interested!" to this email 👇 and we'll be in touch shortly!

Filter down your search results by people

We're finally rolling out one of our most requested features: you can narrow down your Dashworks search results by the person who created the document, sent the message, or is assigned a task! Try it out by starting a search and clicking on the 👥 Everyone button below the search bar. You may then type a team member's name to filter down results created/associated with that person!

Link important company resources on Dashworks homepage

We're adding new ways of customizing the Dashworks homepage and making it more useful for your team. Admins can now add links to any important resources (think Company Handbook, KPI Dashboards, Project Roadmaps, etc.) on the Dashworks homepage.

We're inviting a select group of admins to get started with this feature. Reply "Interested" to this email👇 and we'll get you started right away!

Bug fixes & improvements

  • 🆕 Brand new browser extension for Firefox
  • Improved search ranking algorithm that better understands your company's vocabulary, For e.g. Dashworks is able to recognize that words like OKR and KPI are similar!
  • In-app toast notifications for interactions such as inviting new members, updating member roles, pinning/unpinning results
  • Rebuilt Salesforce integration from scratch using bulk APIs to reduce API quota usage
  • Support for admins to connect Github for their entire team
  • Fixed a bug that briefly caused our old search UI to show up on
  • Fixed "Open a new tab" step during onboarding
  • Fixed an issue that was causing certain Google Drive previews to show "404 Not Found"
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing Google workspace sync from completing for the first onboarded admin
  • Fixed a bug that was causing multiple search requests to be sent for the first query
  • Support for downloading Chrome/Firefox extensions from the avatar button dropdown (always top-right of the page)
  • Improved error handling in Slack, Jira, and Airtable integrations, fixing failing data sync for certain users
  • Improved handling of task deletions in Zendesk
  • integration is disabled temporarily as we work on the feedback we've received & will be back with an update next month!

Invite your team & Customize Dashworks Home

August 23, 2021

Setup Dashworks for your team in minutes

We're making it easier than ever for Dashworks Admins to invite their team members and get them set up. Simply click on your profile avatar button on the top right and go to "Members" to see all active members, and to invite new team members.

Invited team members receive an email to get started with Dashworks!

Not sure who's the Dashworks Admin for your team, or having trouble accessing the Members page? Hit the ❓ bubble on the bottom-right to chat with us—we respond within minutes!

Customize Dashworks with your company brand

Our goal is to make Dashworks the home for all the information inside your company. Just as Dashworks tightly integrates with all the tools and apps used by your team, admins can now start integrating Dashworks with their company's brand. If you're a Dashworks Admin, just reply "Interested" to this email and we'll get you set up!

Bug fixes & improvements

  • Support for rich previews for Google Drive and Slack files
  • Support for admins to connect Trello for their entire team
  • UX improvements in the Dashworks Apps page: Google Workspace apps are now fully managed by your team's admins
  • Intercom chat bubble is now visible on the bottom right corner for all pages inside Dashworks
  • Fix for "Disable" button not working correctly for certain apps
  • We're incrementally rolling out support for removing deleted results in Dashworks.Until this feature is complete, you may still see deleted items in search results.

Pinned Results & Search on Web

August 9, 2021

Pinned Results

Ever get repetitive questions in Slack, and end up spending time searching for that one specific document again and again? Dashworks now lets you pin important documents for any search query, so your teammates can simply search Dashworks and find the right information. No more back-and-forth on "can you share the latest customer deck?"⏭️ simply search "customer deck" on Dashworks and click on the 📌 icon to pin it for your team!

Search on Web

Do you often search Dashworks only to find that there's no relevant information inside the company? Ever need to repeat the same search on so you can find web results on your query? You can now simply click on the Redo search on Google button in Dashworks to take you straight to the Google search page 👉

Bug fixes & improvements

  • Fix for an app not showing under the "Apps" filter when it needs to be reconnected by the user
  • Fix for the search preview overlapping the top header
  • Remove preview if cursor leaves either the result or its previewed item
  • Improved handling of multiple Slack API issues that was causing incomplete data sync for certain users
  • Fix for a Google Drive issue that was causing incomplete data sync for certain users
  • Fixes in Google Workspace integration to support teams with a large (1000+) number of users

Recent searches, quick filters, and our biggest ranking update yet

July 26, 2021

Recent searches in Dashworks

Ever find yourself searching for the same thing multiple times? We're made it incredibly easy for you to get to your recent searches. Just open a new tab in your browser and click on the Dashworks search box to see your recent queries!

Easy access filters before you search

💡Tip: Dashworks power users use search filters to quickly get to the file, message, or task they're looking for. A redesigned query experience now allows you to apply your favorite filters: Files, Tasks, Messages, Contacts, and Events — as you're typing your query!

New Ranking Algorithm

Today we're rolling out the biggest update yet to our search ranking algorithm to help you find the most relevant results for any query. State-of-the-art NLP and machine learning algorithms allow us to improve the relevance of results by over 30%!

The new Dashworks search algorithm handily beats native search in apps like Slack, Google Drive, Gmail, Dropbox, etc. Dashworks is able to understand the context and meaning in queries and not just individual keywords. The biggest improvements can be seen on natural language queries such as "what do we use to build dashboards?" or "when is the investor meeting?". Try out a few searches and let us know what you think! (hit the "?" bubble to chat with us, or reply to this email👇)

Bug fixes & improvements

  • Security improvements related to authentication—signing out of Dashworks from one tab, automatically signs you out of all tabs
  • Improved handling of session expiration edge-cases—we're fixed all issues that were causing certain users to get logged out
  • Fix for start and end times for Google Calendar events not showing correctly
  • Fix for the transient "No results found" screen when starting a search from the Chrome omnibox
  • Improved access-control model to ensure you're able to see results from the apps connected by your admin
  • Improvements in search coverage and performance for our most widely used app integrations:  Slack, Dropbox, Trello, Notion, Google Drive
  • Ability to search recent Zendesk tickets while the app may be "Indexing"
  • Fix for multiple apps stuck in "Indexing" for certain users

New apps page, sharable search links & more

July 12, 2021

Brand New Apps Page

We've completely redesigned the Dashworks Apps page to make it easier than ever to connect the apps you use every day with Dashworks. Admins can now connect apps such as Asana, Clubhouse, Confluence, Jira, Dropbox, Gmail, Google Drive, Slack, and Zendesk for their entire team with just a few clicks.

Need to re-connect an app with a new account? Simply disable the existing connection and enable it with your new account.

Missing an app that Dashworks doesn't support? Hit the "?" bubble to chat with us, or reply to this email!

Sharable Search Links

Ever need to share a Dashworks search with your co-workers? Now you can just copy the browser URL and share it in a message!

Bug fixes & improvements

  • 💥 We've shipped multiple security and stability improvements, and you may need to log into Dashworks again to start searching
  • Major improvements in search performance for several apps including Asana, Confluence, Dropbox, Gmail,  Google Drive, Hubspot, Intercom, Slack
  • Filtering of search results by date is simplified to support Past day, Past week, Past month, Past year
  • App loading is more than 30% faster with improvements in image loading & bundle size
  • To start a search, you can open a new tab (Cmd/Ctrl + T) followed by the Tab key
  • Fix for intercom help button getting hidden behind search results
  • Improvements in displaying long snippets in search results
  • Fix for filters not getting applied correctly on page reload
  • Fix for previews overflowing the bottom of the page
  • Fix for minor overflow issues in previews
  • Disabled searching with an empty query

Brand new search design

June 1, 2021

Redesigned search

Introducing our biggest design upgrade yet! Dashworks now sports a cleaner homepage and a new and simpler way to browse your company's knowledge. Information is organized as files, messages, tasks, contacts, and events. This helps you narrow down your search to exactly what kind of information you are looking for. And you can of course still filter by app and by modified date. Check it out here:

Bug fixes & improvements

  • Fix for previews not loading for certain Google Drive and GMail results
  • Fix for certain numbered Airtable rows not showing in results
  • Fix for certain large Quip documents not showing in results
  • Fix for connection status for Zendesk integration
  • Fix for certain Dropbox shared folders not being searchable
  • Support for organization-wide connection for Clubhouse
  • Support for filtering results from Zendesk
  • Cleaner app connection modals

Zendesk Integration & Search Improvements

May 17, 2021

Search for Zendesk tickets in Dashworks

For all our beloved CX/CS folks trying to delight their customers and respond to tickets blazingly fast—Dashworks now support connecting Zendesk! The integration allows you to search tickets right from Dashworks. If your team uses Zendesk, head right to to get started!

Bug fixes & improvements

  • 🏎 75% reduction in loading time on
  • 🎨 Minor tweaks and design improvements throughout the app

Notion Integration & Search Improvements

April 23, 2021

Connect Notion to Dashworks

We're bringing the looong awaited Notion integration to the Dashworks web experience! Connecting Notion allows you to search Notion pages, tables, and more from within Dashworks. If your team uses Notion, head right to to get started!

Search exact phrases in Dashworks

Ever wanted to search for a specific phrase in Dashworks? Use "quotation marks" around the search phrase and Dashworks will search all your apps for information that matches the search phrase exactly.

Bug fixes & improvements

  • Improvements in Asana integration—see created and modified times for all your tasks
  • Multiple fixes improving search for Asana, Notion, Confluence, Jira
  • Improvements in search ranking for long queries
  • Stability improvements throughout the app

Clubhouse Integration

April 9, 2021

Search Clubhouse

(No, not the drop-in audio chat 🥲)

Connecting Clubhouse allows you to surface any insight and answer hidden in your project management tool right alongside the rest of your company knowledge in Dashworks. If you use Clubhouse, head over to the Dashworks app store to get started ⏭️

Bug fixes & improvements

  • Improved parsing and handling of file attachments
  • Improved handling of Notion tables in search
  • Fixed a bug causing certain metadata fields not showing up in previews
  • Fixed a bug causing users to not log in on the Mac app
  • Fixed Mac app notifications during app indexing
  • Fix bug that causes desktop app not overlaying on other apps
  • Multiple stability and reliability improvements

Admin App Management

March 19, 2021

Connect apps for your entire team

We've deployed a brand new app directory that lets company admins deploy an app integration to their entire team. This lets your team get started with searching your entire company knowledge within seconds, instead of needing to connect all apps themselves and waiting for indexing to finish⏳ This release includes admin install for Slack, Asana, and GSuite, and up next is Notion.

Bug fixes & improvements

  • Major updates to improve stability of indexing content inside pdfs, word docs, and other document types
  • Fixed a bug that broke deep linking for Notion, Superhuman and Slack in the Mac app
  • Multiple performance improvements to reduce CPU usage and speed up the web app

Redesigned Web Experience

March 5, 2021

Dashworks: Redesigned for the Browser

We've rebuilt the Dashworks web app from the ground up to make you more productive in the browser 🌐. Your favorite filters are now visible by default and previews are wider to make it easier for you to find the information you're looking for👇

Date Filters: Bring Your Own Date Format

The new Dashworks Date Filters lets you use practically any date format possible. Pick your favorite one and find information faster! 📅

Bug fixes & improvements

  • Multiple performance improvements that lower memory and CPU consumption
  • Minor improvements in how you interact with filters
  • Fixed a bug causing the app to become unstable and freeze under certain conditions

Filters Results by Date

February 19, 2021

Filter your search results by the date they were created or last modified

We've added new and powerful ways for you to filter results that were created or edited in a specified date range 📅

Bug fixes & improvements

  • Larger desktop app window to show a greater number of search results at once
  • Fixed incorrectly sized search input box on certain machines

Filters Results by Type

February 12, 2021

Filter down your search results to files, messages, contacts, and more

We've rebuilt the app to support rich filtering—starting with filtering results based on their type. See it in action by clicking on the filter button and selecting an option in the menu.

Bug fixes & improvements

  • Minor improvements to interactions with buttons and menus
  • Support for revocation of Google tokens when apps are disconnected

Stability Update

February 5, 2021

Time for your weekly Dashworks update! 🥳

We strive hard to deliver the best search experience every time we release a new version of Dashworks.

Bug fixes & improvements

  • Fixed an issue causing incorrectly sorted results being displayed
  • Fixed an issue preventing users from connecting their personal Google accounts
  • Fixed an issue with browser cache loading an older version of Dashworks
  • Added support for older Macbook generations and lower resolution displays

New Year, New Design!

January 29, 2021

A fresh and redesigned UI

We have been working on our new design over the holidays and are excited to finally get it to your hands!

Sort search results by recency

By default the results are sorted by relevance, and you may now also sort them by their Creation time and Last modified time.

See syncing apps alongside all your apps

As a new Dashworks user, the wait to get all your apps synced can be longer than a quick coffee break. You can now see your syncing apps right where you search!

Google Workspace + Dashworks

Dashworks has now been verified by Google as a trusted application. You may now connect all your Google Workspace accounts and start searching email, calendar, and files in Dashworks.

Bug fixes & improvements

  • Reduced memory usage by over 30% — more optimizations to come soon!
  • Fixed certain metadata fields not displaying correctly in previews
  • Fixed an issue preventing certain PDFs from being searchable

Intercom integration

December 4, 2020

Search Intercom

Connecting Intercom to Dashworks allows you to search all your contacts, leads, companies, and conversations. Head to the Dashworks app store to get started ⏭️

Bug fixes & improvements

  • Learning to rank v1 - search results that you click on more frequently are ranked higher in subsequent searches
  • Fixed an issue with Slack indexing not completing for certain large workspaces
  • Fixed an issue with the Github connector affecting some users

Web app and Chrome extension

November 24, 2020

Use Dashworks from your browser

You can now use Dashworks right from our new web app. Head over to to try it out! We're also releasing a Chrome extension that complements the web app. The extension allows you to access Dashworks from a new tab page, and to start a search from Chrome's omnibar by using the keyword dash.

Bug fixes & improvements

  • Support for searching Jira issues imported from external sources
  • Improvements in displaying percentage of indexing complete
  • Fixed a bug that was causing certain URLs to not open in the default browser
  • Fixed login issues affecting some users

Airtable integration

November 15, 2020

Search Airtable

We're excited to add Airtable to our family of integrations! Connecting Airtable lets you search for bases, tables, views, and records. Head to the App Store to connect your Airtable account with Dashworks.

Bug fixes & improvements

  • Fixed a bug that was preventing certain large Quip accounts from indexing completely.
  • Minor fixes in highlighting within search results.
  • Added new Google Workspace logos.

Slack bot

October 23, 2020

Type /find in Slack to search Dashworks

Use the command /find or /dash in any Slack channel or DM to see search results from your connected apps in Dashworks, and share them with your teammates directly. You can use this to quickly respond to questions from your teammates in Slack, or to quickly share documents and links with them. Let us know how else we can make Dashworks useful for the Slack integration!

Bug fixes & improvements

  • Notion search improvements: search pages inside tables, and indented pages.

Redesigned auth flow

October 9, 2020

Bug fixes & improvements

  • Redesigned authorization flow for all integrations and moved it to the browser so you don't need to log in again
  • Increased duration of created or modified time for indexable content from the past one year to the past three years
  • Added search for closed cards in Trello
  • Fixed an issue that led to slow Confluence indexing for some users
  • Removed Superhuman "Reminder" emails from search results

Quick launch web search

September 25, 2020

Type in a query and search it in Google with a single click

Our mission is to build the fastest way to work, and minimizing the friction to find any information you need to do your best work is our first goal. We're building deeper integrations with the public web to take us a step in that direction.

Bug fixes & improvements

  • Support for searching Knowledge Articles in Salesforce.
  • Fix a bug in the Notion connector that caused incomplete indexing for some users.
  • Fixes in Slack connector for handling different message types.
  • Speed up initial sign in flow by 20%

Seeing is believing. And scheduling is, well, the step before seeing. Let's find time to chat so you can see how Dashworks fits into — and accelerates — your and your team's workflows.

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