AI Autopilot for Slack

Dashworks Slackbot automatically triages questions asked in Slack. Just add it to a Slack channel, connect your knowledge bases in one click, and triage up to 87% of your questions.

Triage your Q&A channels

Add the Dashworks Slackbot to your #questions-, #help-, and #ask- channels and automatically triage up to 87% of all internal questions.

Smart Auto-Responses

Tag Dashworks in your Slack questions or enable auto-responding to let it automatically detect and respond to questions.

Connect your Apps

Receive accurate information sourced directly from your company apps, ensuring you get the most relevant and up-to-date responses.

Answer References

The Slackbot includes references for the answers it gives, so you can verify the information or explore topics in more depth.

Powerful Automations

Integrate Dashworks with Slack Workflows to create powerful automations with your other work apps.

In-Slack Training

Improve accuracy by providing feedback directly in Slack; upvote helpful responses and downvote any that miss the mark to teach the AI.

Custom Response Tuning

Tailor the Slackbot's replies to fit the unique needs of your team or project with customizable instructions for each Slack channel.

Dash AI is easy-to-use, extremely accurate, and provides immediate time-saving impact.

Lauren Hamilton
Sales Enablement Manager, ButteflyMx

Private AI Assistant in Slack

Ask the Dashworks Slackbot questions in a Direct Message (DM) to get your work-related questions answered privately.

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