Make humanity omniscient

As a company's ambition grows, so too can its fragmentation. For new employees, orientation can feel downright disorienting. And for tenured employees, finding a single source of truth is often a fallacy. To us, all of that is unacceptable. That's why we're determined to help every company grow more efficiently and effectively — and to propel every employee toward getting things done. And we’re looking for people who want to help.

Our values

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Drive long-term customer value.

The value we provide for our customers is our North Star. And the experience we’re building as a team is our compass. We innovate relentlessly on behalf of our customers, and take responsibility for every part of their journey.

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Decide with data.

We consider multiple options before making decisions, and use that data to inform our next steps. We hypothesize with intuition and experience, and validate our commitments with evidence.

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Pursue progress over perfection.

We have a bias toward action and speed, which allows us to ship and iterate quickly — and learn directly from our customers.

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Be unstoppable.

We do whatever it takes to get things done. We refuse to accept constraints. And we strive to find creative, uncommon, and difficult-to-imagine-but-rewarding-to-pursue solutions.


Sneh Ratna Choudhary
Kieran Taylor
Ehtisham Hussain
Alyssa Schwartz
Aahel Iyer
Liz Melton
Prasad Kawthekar
Past: ML at Cresta and Stanford.
Praty Sharma
Past: ML at Facebook and Stanford.
Andy Walner
Past: Product at Google.
Simon Schick
Past: SWE at Google and Microsoft.
Adarsh Kumar
Past: NLP at Alexa and Microsoft Bing.
Vrushank Kenkre
Past: Staff SWE at Fivetran and VP at Goldman Sachs.
Pavan Katta
Past: Infra Engineer at Microsoft.
Sri Vardhamanan
Past: ML Engineer at Atlassian.
Aakash Bapna
Past: UI Engineer at Flipkart
James Vas
Past: Sales at Simpplr & Deephow
Will Worsley
Past: Sales at Arena Analytics
Michelle Telada
Past: Ops at Savvy and Accenture.


Y Combinator
Sri Chandrasekar
South Park Commons
Aditya Agarwal
Rosecliff Ventures
Krish Mehta
Combine Fund
Soleio Cuervo
Goat Capital
Justin Kan
Emmett Shear
Founder, Twitch
Josh Reeves
Founder, Gusto
Tomer London
Founder, Gusto
Immad Akhund
Founder, Mercury
Shaan Puri
Founder, Stealth
Ashish Toshniwal
Founder, Y Media Labs
Jude Gomila
Founder, Golden
James Richards
Garuda Ventures
Lee Redden
Founder, Blue River Technology
Ryan Cooke
Founder, JumpWire
Snir Kodesh
Head of Engineering, Retool
Krishna Mehra
Director of Engineering, Meta
Mathias Klenk
Founder, Passbase
Joe Tsai
Investor, Mucker Capital
Peter Livingston
Unpopular Ventures
Alex Halliday
VP Product, Bungalow
Steve Schlafman
Founder, High Output
Suleman Ali
Ali Capital
Andrew Huang
Starling Ventures
Sabrina Hahn
Asia Alpha
Khadim Batti
Founder, Whatfix
Vara Kumar Namburu
Founder, Whatfix
David Chen
Founder, Stealth

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