Instant answers from your internal knowledge

Meet Dash AI, your company's knowledge assistant.

Automate away repetitive questions. Help employees find the information they need. Accelerate your team's productivity. All in a single secure platform.

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Find what you need in seconds

Dash AI automatically understands your company's knowledge, so employees can find anything in a flash, be it PTO policies, Slack messages, PR commits, or Asana tasks.

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Get the right answer at the right time

Save time with automatic answers to your team’s questions in Slack. Reliably sourced from your company's apps and chat history.

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Improve efficiency, securely

Bring AI to your team without compromising on privacy or security. We respect all prior app permissions, are SOC-2 compliant, and extensively pen-tested.

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“Investing in institutional knowledge is a long-term decision. We felt confident that partnering with Dashworks would enable the future we want to build.”

Ramasubramanian K


“Being able to open a tab, make a search that quick, and get results that precise — it’s just mind-blowing. Everybody can tap into the Endeavor brain like this.”

Nathan Cohen

Sr. Director of People & Product, Endeavor

“There weren’t any great answers for the problem of corporate search before Dashworks. They’ve now presented the ideal version of that tool. Dashworks is better at searching Notion than Notion is.”

Adam Haney

VP of Engineering

“Dashworks is becoming a corporate second brain for us. We don’t need to think about how or where we capture info. It’s just there — organized and recallable.”

Aaron Spence

Head of Culture & Talent Development
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Private and secure by design

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SOC-2 Type 2 Certified
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Encryption in transit and at rest
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GDPR compliant
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No pre-indexing of data
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Rigorous access control
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No data shared with LLMs

Simple pricing. Effortless set up

Dashworks starts at just $4.99 per user per month. No minimums or annual lock-ins. Set up is instant.

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Better productivity for every employee

From debugging code to summarizing customer interactions, Dash AI makes every team more efficient.

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Create a single source of truth point of entry

Eliminate silos by making it easy for employees across departments and locations to find the information they need.

Get a self-organizing knowledge base

Dash AI reads, understands, and ranks your knowledge without you having to lift a finger. Your employees get accurate answers no matter how fragmented your docs.

Eliminate repetitive questions

Help your team quickly find the answers they need, without bothering you or having to hunt through wikis and Slack messages.

Instantly onboard new employees

Make need-to-know information seamlessly accessible to new hires, and give them complete context with a 360° view of the company.

Speed up engineering velocity

Get answers to technical questions, generate new code, or debug it. Dash AI simplifies tasks for engineering and data science teams.

Generate sales and marketing copy

Dash AI taps into company chat history and documents to create product updates, sales emails, and customer follow-ups.

Get instant updates on projects

Summarize docs, projects, and emails. Quickly get up-to-speed on company initiatives, customer history, and prospect comms.

Give every employee a brainstorm buddy

Dash AI is a great starting point for creative endeavors, giving employees initial ideas that they can then build upon.

Get your team on the same page.

Built to help teams maintain speed and alignment, Dashworks streamlines change management by keeping up-to-date resources and announcements front and center — so your team can focus on what’s next. You can also customize the design so Dashworks fits as seamlessly into your front-facing brand as it does into your backend infrastructure.


How does Dashworks protect the security of my data?

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Will everyone at my company be able to see private conversations and documents?

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What security certifications does Dashworks have?

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How long does it take to start using Dashworks?

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I don’t see an app I need in your list of integrations. Will you be able to build one for us?

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How many data sources should I connect to start using Dashworks?

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Do you have a free plan?

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What is your pricing model?

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How is my payment being processed?

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What are the payment options? Can I pay by credit card? Can you invoice me?

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What happens when I upgrade my plan?

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How can I downgrade my plan?

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Seeing is believing. And scheduling is, well, the step before seeing. Let's find time to chat so you can see how Dashworks fits into — and accelerates — your and your team's workflows.

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