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Your company’s know-it-all

Dashworks is where work begins. Where intelligent search helps you find the right documents, messages, tickets, and other knowledge scattered across your company's apps and people. And where you and your team can get on the same page, and get things done.

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Centralize your
company's know-how.

Dashworks seamlessly and securely integrates with all of your company's apps. Using advanced natural language processing, Dashworks automatically organizes and understands your company knowledge, so you can find up-to-date company policies, get to know teammates, learn how to resolve a customer’s issues, see how to fix a bug, and view answers to your other questions with a single click.

Find answers to all your questions.

Dashworks provides powerful primitives and automations to simplify how your team manages knowledge — keeping important and relevant docs accessible and optimized as you grow. Find curated resources and verified files, as well as AI-powered insights on how to improve your team’s documentation.

How do I check my vacation balance?
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When is the all-hands meeting?
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How do I call the lunar api?
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Where are the designs for the Mars rover project?
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What is the value of the NASA deal?
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What do I need to complete for onboarding?
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What are the Starworks values?
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Get your team on the same page.

Built to help teams maintain speed and alignment, Dashworks streamlines change management by keeping up-to-date resources and announcements front and center — so your team can focus on what’s next. You can also customize the design so Dashworks fits as seamlessly into your front-facing brand as it does into your backend infrastructure.

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more productivity per employee

Dashworks simplifies and automates one of the biggest issues for fast-scaling companies: finding the right information to get moving. By giving teams one place to start and continue any kind of project, the Dashworks search engine becomes an engine for your company's growth. And the announcements, bookmarks, and other information elevated on the start page become rocket thrusters for alignment. Scale more responsibly and quickly with Dashworks.

Organization for
your org

Dashworks adapts to your org’s needs, growth stage, working model, and tech stack. So you can centralize knowledge and accelerate access to the most important information for your entire company or specific team, no matter what they’re pursuing.

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Single Source of Truth

Create a single place for your team to find answers to all their questions, no matter how fragmented your team's documentation is.

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Employee Onboarding

Make need-to-know information instantly accessible to new hires, and give them complete context with 360° view of the company.

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Change Management

Align your distributed team by simplifying internal communication that helps bring everyone on the same page.

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Employee Engagement

Power an engaging employee experience with a personalized start page, and track your progress with detailed analytics.

Every team moves faster with Dashworks

Tame SaaS sprawl by creating a single source of truth to manage information scattered across apps and services. Accelerate productivity for every function by unlocking and organizing tribal knowledge, making it accessible to everyone at their fingertips.

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Standardize onboarding and ramp up new hires in days, not months. Effectively manage change across the org, and deliver a stellar employee experience with an engaging company home page.

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Accelerate shipping velocity by understanding your codebase like never before. Set up new hires for success by giving them one place to find answers to all their questions scattered across wikis, issues, PRs, code, and Slacks.

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82% of customers say the #1 attribute of an excellent customer service experience is having their issues resolved quickly. Resolve customer tickets faster than ever by helping your agents find answers to customer issues in a single place — reducing average handle time by up to 40%.

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Get a 360° view of what customers want by aggregating customer feedback from all channels, including sales, support, and user research. Make customer feedback accessible to your entire team so you can prioritize the right features and build what people want.

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Help your reps crush their quotas by providing a complete picture of accounts and deals in a single dashboard. Reps save their most important asset — time — as they skip hunting for information scattered across your CRM, Slack, email, and other apps, and keep their focus on closing deals.

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400 million+ documents searched per day

45+ turnkey integrations

< 30 minute setup time

The workforce is talking

As a distributed team, it can be really challenging to collaborate and align across geographies and time zones effectively. The Dashworks start page can be the connective tissue that helps remote teams bring everyone on the same page.

Tomer London
‍Co-founder at Gusto

We’ve been using Dashworks for a year and it’s a game-changer. For onboarding, new staff can download the Endeavor Brain from Day 1. For old-timers, the days of searching a gazillion Slack threads, Notion docs, or (god help me) Google Drive, are over. Just search. It’s there.

Nathan Cohen
People and Product at Endeavor

Teams used to spend hours sifting through emails, Slacks, and reports, just to answer a question or to onboard a new hire. But now there’s a faster way to work with Dashworks.

Justin Kan
Founder of Twitch

We use a ton of different apps, so it’s easy to forget where you put something, I love the way that Dashworks is fixing this.

Immad Akhund
Founder of Mercury


Dashworks is designed with multiple innovations that keep you and your team on the same page — and moving forward.

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Encryption in transit and at rest

Seeing is believing. And scheduling is, well, the step before seeing. Let's find time to chat so you can see how Dashworks fits into — and accelerates — your and your team's workflows.

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