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Endeavor's playbook for accelerating new employee onboarding

September 19, 2022
Prasad Kawthekar

Endeavor is the global community supporting high-impact entrepreneurs through investments, including 49 unicorns, mentorship networks, and research and thought leadership. 

Dashworks helps Endeavor connect and streamline over 500 team members worldwide. Earlier this year, we sat down with Nathan Cohen, Endeavor's Senior Director of People & Product, to hear how his team uses Dashworks to centralize company knowledge.

Today, we’ll focus on how Dashworks specifically supports employee onboarding in two ways. 

  1. New team members have a resource to turn to after onboarding has concluded
  2. Dashworks provides a hyper-personalized experience, accelerating new hire growth

Let’s dive right into it – starting with the impact of having a centralized source of knowledge.

Filling Gaps in the Onboarding Experience

New hires tend to hit an unfamiliar period once structured onboarding (training, webinars, etc.) has ended, but they have yet to settle into their daily job functions. 

As Nathan puts it: After they’ve read through the introductory Endeavor Wiki, how can they learn to perform their roles when they don’t even know where to seek resources?

Here, introducing new team members to Dashworks (“to poke and search around Endeavor’s brain”) as a highly precise yet all-encompassing single source of truth is immensely impactful. 

Personalized Experiences Accelerate Growth

Resources like an Endeavor Wiki or Notion space are also static, so you either get: 

  1. One non-specific, blanket training experience for every new hire at this global enterprise
  2. Offices and teams wasting time on tailoring their Wikis or Notion pages, outlining and linking to every major resource a new team member might need

In other words: Onboarding is either ineffective or a total resource drain. 

In response, Nathan emphasizes Dashworks’ ability to personalize user experiences, suggesting the most helpful resources based on past searches, questions asked on Slack, etc. 

All of this has made Dashworks “a really powerful tool for extended onboarding.” Since the rollout, he’s seen the learning curve for new hires accelerate tremendously. 

For instance, someone who’s been at Endeavor for 30 days can quickly evolve to contribute like someone who’s been there for triple the amount of time. 

He attributes this to how Dashworks enables far more knowledge of the landscape and how teams, projects, and day-to-day ops have historically functioned. 

“Dashworks enables these expedited, hyper-personalized experiences. In that sense, it becomes a profoundly impactful and powerful onboarding tool.” 
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