Bring Instant Answers into Slack with Dashworks’ New AI Powered Autopilot

November 30, 2023
Prasad Kawthekar
Prasad Kawthekar
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What changed for sales productivity in 2023
What changed for sales productivity in 2023
Productivity Trend #1
Productivity Trend #2
What changed for sales productivity in 2023
What changed for sales productivity in 2023
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Since the launch of Dash AI this summer, we’ve seen a strong demand from companies for a single point of entry to access scattered knowledge. The steady increase in adoption and reported productivity gains from companies affirm this need. This growth phase has also provided valuable insights into how customers Dash AI daily. 

Until now, Dash AI was designed for web and browser extension access, functioning as a readily available new tab page with just a single click. A key takeaway is the crucial role of communication channels like Slack in facilitating information exchange within companies. A popular request was to bring the power of Dash AI directly into Slack channels where employees are already asking questions.

In fast moving companies, it's common for employees to inundate experienced staff members with questions, leading to the creation of Slack channels such as #sales-questions, #ask-hr, #ask-it, and #technical-support. We find that it’s common for companies to have dozens of these channels, with employees asking hundreds of questions daily. Channel managers find it challenging to meet this demand, and as a result, employees may wait for hours, or even days, for responses. Meanwhile, managers are left frequently answering the same questions over and over again.

Announcing Dashworks' Slack Autopilot

Today, we’re offering a smarter solution – an AI-powered Slack autopilot that delivers instant answers to employees' questions right within Slack channels.

The Dashworks’ Slack autopilot connects your existing knowledge in wikis, messaging platforms, CRMs, and codebases to form a unified company knowledge base. When a user asks a question in a channel, the autopilot identifies the query and responds directly with a synthesized answer drawn from relevant information across your systems. The answers are always backed up with links to verifiable references from your knowledge base.

It's easy to set up the autopilot through the Slack UI and Dashworks web app. The autopilot respects all user permissions, ensuring there's no risk of oversharing sensitive data. Users also have the option to customize the autopilot by limiting its scope to specific Slack channels.

Additional features on Slack, in line with our Dash AI web app, include:

  • Greater security through our unique minimal-indexing approach
  • Ability to fine-tune responses through upvotes and downvotes from inside Slack itself
  • Admin analytics to understand usage and knowledge gaps

For many of our customers, the Slack autopilot has already become invaluable in troubleshooting channels by substantially reducing ticket volumes that require manual support. In one trial with a prospect, we saw a 73.4% reduction in time spent answering questions by channel managers. Employees get faster answers, and channel managers gain back time to focus on more important work.

If you're looking to empower your employees and eliminate information silos, it's time to try Dashworks' Slack autopilot.

Start your free 14-day trial now to experience the power of AI for Slack in your own workspace.


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